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Chemical Free Pain Relief

Nio My Preferred Pain Patch was designed to alleviate a range of discomforts.  From soothing sore muscles and arthritic pain to relieving menstrual cramps, back pain, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, and various other annoying chronic pain. 

Using Nio Pain Patch will allow you to focus on the good things of your life instead of your pain

What Clients Say

 "I used the NIO pain patch on my back and was surprised that it caused me to feel tingling while it definitely reduced the pain and was a positive experience."
-Jan F.

How it works

Nio Pain Patch functions by blocking pain signals within the body, akin to a resistor in an electrical circuit. Think of it like an stop light for pain signals. Employing electrical induction, it prevents these pain signals from reaching the brain.   

The patch contains a conductive layer of nano copper particles, forming an electrically conductive network. 


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