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Remove the old adhesive 

-Lay the used pain patch on a flat surface.
-Locate the narrow end of the patch where the adhesive begins.
-Using your fingernail, a fingernail brush, or a knife if needed, gently peel back the old adhesive from the patch. Start at the narrow end and work your way across.
-If the adhesive breaks along the scored line, continue peeling until it's all removed.
-Note that some discoloration around the edges due to copper oxidization is normal and does not affect the patch's effectiveness.

nio step.PNG
Apply the New Adhesive

-Take the new adhesive from the packaging

-Hold the adhesive over the pain patch with the white liner side facing down.
-Carefully peel and remove the first half of the white liner.
-Press the exposed half of the adhesive firmly onto the pain patch.
-Repeat the process for the second half of the adhesive.
-Ensure both halves of the adhesive are securely attached to the pain patch.

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