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My Preferred Pain Patch

Chemical Free Drug Free Pain Relief

Chemical Free Pain Relief

Unlike drugs, nothing is put into your body with the use of the Nio Preferred pain patch, or the Nio disposable

Nio Pain Patch


Our most durable version!

-The patch is held to the body with a removable and replaceable adhesive


Nio Disposable


Our Value version!

-The disposable lasts for 10+ days. It's repositionable, and you can take it off and put it back on anytime!


What Clients Say

 "I used the NIO pain patch on my back and was surprised that it caused me to feel tingling while it definitely reduced the pain and was a positive experience."
-Jan F.

Product options to fit you

Single nio Patch



Comes with a single nio preferred pain patch, and three adhesives

2 nio Patches



Comes with two nio preferred pain patches, and six adhesives


Nio Disposable


This single nio disposable will last for 10+ days

6 nio disposables


Comes with six nio disposables

Built to last

Unlimited Use Using Replacement Adhesive Strips

Using replacement adhesive strips, your NIO preferred pain patch can last forever! When it no longer sticks, remove the old adhesive and add a new one.

For the Nio disposable, the adhesive lasts 10+ days

We understand that these pain patches might not solve all your problems. If you've tried it and you aren't getting the results you wanted, contact us at to request a refund within 30 days

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