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Starter Pack

Our starter pack gives the best of Nio through the use of the original nio pain patches, and the nio disposable.  Once you buy our starter pack, you can bulk order whatever you want at $200 or more in value, for 30% off.

3 Nio Pain Patches

-Most cost effective patch over the long term

-Lasts longer with replaceable adhesives

-Retail for $79.95 each 

3 Nio Disposable 3 packs

-Adhesive lasts 7-10 days depending on usage

-Retail for $39.95 each

6 Nio Disposables

-our most budget friendly option

-Retail for $14.95 each

6 Nio Disposables

-Samples to let people try it for free!

Retails for $410, get it for $300!

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