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Pain Relief
For long term users

Nio Original is our most durable drug free, chemical free product. It never wears out. The adhesive can be replaced as often as needed. It is repositionable and removable at any time. The flexible plastic easily fits the shape of your body. It is the least expensive product for long term users. You can wash it between adhesive applications and rinse and dried occasionally to increase adhesive life

NIO Patch-Copper-4750x38002.jpg

The Specifics

The original Nio pain patch sticks in place with two special adhesives. One is a silicone adhesive that keeps the patch on your skin. The other is a removable acrylic adhesive that sticks to the patch and can be replaced when the silicone adhesive isn't holding the patch well anymore.

Why the adhesive?

We use a special kind of adhesive on the patch that you can easily remove and move around. This way, you can stick it onto your skin or on the clothes close to your skin. It should stay active for about a week before you need to replace it. And here's a neat trick: you can even place the patch inside your shoe  or underwear for extra comfort!

NIO Patch-Copper with Clear Peelback_4750x3800.jpg
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