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Nio Temporary Tattoo

Just like a resistor

The Nio temporary tattoo, was designed to ease your pain without the need for medication. It works by stopping the signals of pain that your body sends to your brain. Think of it like a stop light for pain signals, just like a resistor in an electrical circuit. These pain signals can't reach your brain because NIO uses a special technique, similar to how a wireless phone charger works. The energy from those blocked pain signals is then turned into warmth.

NIO Patch-Copper-4750x38002.jpg

How To Apply

Place at or near your source of pain.  Move the Tattoo a little at a time until you find the best pain relief.  Peel away the clear liner and press the Tattoo to freshly clean dry skin. You may need to shave away your hair for best adhesion.  Once in position apply a very damp washcloth to the Tattoo.  Once the paper is very wet, peel it away.



The temporary pain relieving Tattoo remains and will last more than one week depending on care. 

Oils or creams on the skin will significantly reduce the life of the adhesive of the tattoo.

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